Acer’s Predator Triton 900 Gaming Laptop Review

With Acer’s previous Triton model gaming laptops offering solid performance and optimal gaming experience as far as a laptop is concerned, their newest addition to the Triton line does not disappoint. The Triton 900 Boasts some severe hardware and processing power, along with a 17-inch monitor that offers some serious versatility with its new swivel display. With an MSRP starting at about $3,999 though, this is going to set you back a bit financially. You do get much value for that hefty price tag though.

For starters, the 17-inch display is a 4k monitor, and thanks to its new swivel hinge design that allows you to rotate the screen fully it offers plenty of setup variations depending on your specific needs. You can set the display up like a regular laptop for gaming or work productivity, or you can flip the screen around entirely if you are using the laptop as a screen for streaming movies, or if you aren’t using the keyboard and want it out of the way. Being a gaming laptop, the display itself is also optimized for high performance and visual fidelity.

Acer also takes some innovative approaches with the keyboard design. Instead of using a traditional number pad on the right-hand side of the keyboard, they’ve implemented the trackpad for the laptop. This trackpad doubles as a number pad if need be, which is friendly for lefties when gaming as they don’t have to commit to using the WASD keys and can use the number pad for directional movement, though the fact they aren’t using physical keys can take some getting used to.

As for the specific hardware and performance specs, even with most of the specifics still under wraps until the laptop’s release, it looks to be an absolute beast of a laptop. Boasting an Intel Core 8th-gen i7 H-Series processor, the Triton 900 can run most AAA games on medium to high settings with no problem. It also offers 32 GB DDR4 of ram, providing more than enough for most moderate gaming setups. It also has PCIe RAID SSDs for storage, though the exact amount of storage has yet to be revealed. There will likely be a variety of storage options with different price points, though most will be more than enough storage for a gaming rig. The other major piece of hardware that’s been revealed is the Nvidia GeForce RTX 2080 graphics card with GDDR6 memory. This along with the 17-inch 4k display should provide great graphical fidelity and be able to keep up with the refresh rates on most games even on higher settings.

While the rest of the hardware seems to be under wraps until closer to launch sometime in March, it does appear to have at least one USB 3.0 port, as well as individual microphone and headphone jacks on the left hand side, and the power button, Ethernet port, and two other ports that are a bit harder to make out. The back has an HDMI port as well as a camera port.

If all of this wasn’t already enough, there is planned mobile integration with the Triton 900 where many aspects such as overclocking and other performance settings can be adjusted from a mobile device via an app. While all of the information hasn’t been released yet, at a glance, the Triton 900 appears to be well worth the price tag for those who can afford it. Acer is releasing a Triton 500 as well, which is a more cost-effective model without many of the bells and whistles like the