What are the Best Dash Cams?

Dash cams may have become incredibly popular over the last couple of years, but even if you still haven’t gotten one, you’ve probably come across hundreds of different brands and types of these gadgets. Picking the right one for yourself can be a pretty challenging process, especially if you’re not too familiar with what’s currently available on the market. This is why we have done all the heavy lifting for you and compiled a list of the best dash cams today.

Garmin 20garmin-20

Garmin is famous for producing high quality GPS navigation units and they have recently released a brilliant cam. This camera has a very intuitive user interface, features 1080 pixel video recording and has a decently-sized 2.3 inch screen. Perfect for beginners and those who haven’t used one of these devices before, since it is very user-friendly and easy to install.

KJB Security Products DAS-3000HD

This multi-purpose device is a dashboard camera and a handheld camera both. Perfect for those of you who need a device to make home videos with and great for people who want more out of their cameras – this is a high-end, powerful model that packs an extra punch. The 5 MP sensor and the ultra-wide angle lens work great and capture images and video in 1080 pixel quality.

GT300 1080P 2.4 Inch

This dash cam is by far the cheapest model on our list. However, the low price is definitely not a sign of underwhelming performance. This gadget has a large number of impressive features and options that are not easy to find even in far more expensive models. 1080 pixel video recording, a motion detector and an anti-shake set up are a guarantee of top notch performance. The low price is just an added bonus.

A118 1.5 inch 1080P Full HD Camera with Hidden Mode

This dash cam is a subtle, yet powerful device. The hidden mode is perfect in situations where discretion is required. If you suspect that someone is messing with your vehicle or if it’s being vandalized every now and again, you can capture whoever is doing that to you and bring cold, hard proof to the police or your insurance company. This cam is meant to be tucked up by your mirror and it’s virtually impossible to notice it from outside the vehicle. A true James Bond-like device.
Transcend DrivePro 220
Transcend DrivePro 220 is a brilliant and highly-practical little device. This camera has just about everything the average user would want and more. The best thing about this model is the optional video Wi-Fi streaming. This means you can stream the footage to a dedicated app and watch what the camera is recording at all times. This is perfect for those who want to check up on their parked vehicles and definitely a great way to show your friends where you’re driving – they can simply watch the road ahead of you via their smartphones.

HP f500 Dash Cam
This car dashboard camera has a motion detector, very accurate sensors and captures 1080 pixel video. The f500 is very easy to use, so even the most inexperienced of users shouldn’t have a hard time utilizing all of its features. The best thing about this camera is the loop recording feature – this means you will never run out of space because this camera automatically overwrites the oldest videos and just keeps recording without missing a beat.

Formula 1 – The Queen of Racing

Formula One (also often spelled as Formula 1 or F1) is the worlds most popular and, arguably, most important form of racing. Europe is the sport’s traditional base and about half of each year’s races are hosted on this continent. Nonetheless, Formula One is an incredibly popular sport – it is watched live in almost every country in the world and remains one of the most popular television events in history. For example, in 2001. The cumulative television audience was the staggering 54 billion people.

3 Reasons to Start Watching Formula 1

If you’re not a fan of Formula One, maybe that’s because you’re not really familiar with this wonderfully complex sport. This is not a sport centred around beautifully designed Formula 1 racing cars, charismatic athletes or wild crowds, even though it has all of that, along with almost every important element of any other popular, exciting sport. Formula One is an entirely different beast and a sport that everyone would find incredibly interesting and entertaining, if only they were willing to give it a chance. Perhaps you’re not convinced yet? This is why we have taken it upon ourselves to provide our faithful readers with a concise list of reasons to watch F1. Without further ado, let’s start.

1) Rules and Strategy

This sport has a seemingly confusing set of rules, but it’s very easy to get used to them after a while. Most less knowledgeable people think it’s all about having the fastest and the best Formula 1 racing car, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Strategy is what matters the most. Every single race is scored with a points system (the winner wins 25 points per race and the top 10 earn some points too) and at the end of the season the driver and the constructor with most points wins the championship. The strategic part is reflected in the way drivers approach the race itself – how aggressively they drive, who they challenge and how they handle the crucial, final laps.

2) Different Styles

The complexity of Formula 1 is best reflected in a wide variety of styles that we see on the track. And when we say styles, we’re not talking about the way Formula 1 racing cars were built and designed (although that matters too), we are talking about different driving styles – some drivers are aggressive, some are considered loose cannons, some are brilliant tacticians, while others dance around the track and beat their competitors because of their rational approach to racing.

3) Technological Innovations and Inventions

Formula 1 racing cars are elaborate pieces of machinery. These cars hit speeds of 220 mph, but weigh mostly around 1,400 pounds. Ferrari, Mercedes and McLaren spend millions on designing, developing and building these futuristic cars. Each year we witness incredible technological breakthroughs and enjoy the brilliance of modern technology. These racing cars are, in a way, our window into the future – the best engineers and experts in the world are higher to design and build them and it is absolutely mind blowing to watch, on live television, how far we’ve come as a civilization, when it comes to technology and technological development.